Short walks, readings of John Clare in the open air, and a wealth of illuminating stories and detail make a powerful context for your own creativity. Poetry Days in Nature are a wonderful way to find inspiration, and relax into your own way of seeing. Patrick is an encouraging and inclusive guide.

Reading and Writing Poetry in Nature

Nature surrounds you as you slow down. Awareness grows. John Clare’s poetry revels in the joy of nature, and Patrick’s readings in the open air bring his poems to life. There are moments of illumination, moments to be treasured. The day includes opportunities to write, and to share if you wish, in an indoor location.



What people have said about Patrick Bond's Poetry Days in Nature

"Extraordinary day: taking time to read poetry, walk in the forest, think."


"Time to soak it up, to write, to read own work."

"Encouraging to my own writing."

"Sensitive and supportive conducting of group by P."

"Made everyone welcome, contributions encouraged, brought everyone together."

"Gives people a change of pace and opportunity to try new ways of expressing themselves; could appeal to all ages 17-70."

"Gentle tone yet knowledge and authority on both Clare and participants’ writing."

"Discussions, hearing the views of others, gave an extra depth to the day."

"P allowed meanings to flow from other participants, nurturing, channelling."

"Accessible at all levels, and OK to dip in and out as the mood takes you."

"P is good at showing the relevance of poetry and involving people in it."

"Inspiration to move into a new world of word."

"Inspirational to find new ways of expressing observations of nature, to open the mind and the senses anew."

"The structure of different activities allowed flexibility with a framework that engendered contributions for the group."

"Motivational ideas, no disharmony."

"Being in the wood writing poetry (best thing)."

"Getting out of the city can be refreshing and a new atmosphere to write in is inspiring."

"Opportunity to think and listen to poetry is very stimulating."

"A chance to write about something other than “navel-gazing” common amongst urban writers."

"I have come to trust my own observations of 'painting pictures' with words."