Come with Patrick Bond for short walks on the nature reserve in Lewes, the Railway Land. 

Patrick Bond's Poetry Walks in Lewes Railway Land

Patrick has been poet-in-residence there for almost a year, visiting and writing for one day a week throughout the seasons. He will talk about the wildlife, plants and history of the site, with personal stories from his hours of watching. Readings from John Clare’s poems will give a different perspective on today’s landscape. Lots of time for discussion and relaxation.

John Clare's Nature Poetry

John Clare speaks directly to us about how we relate to the land, how memories give us meaning, and how the visionary truth of nature is in the fine detail – if we can see and understand.


What people have said about Patrick Bond's Poetry in Nature Walks

"Given time to talk about poetry, and find focus on natural things. Delight."



"Finding poetic perspective on one’s surroundings. Finding joy as 'child-like' even in old age."

"Sitting quietly in the forest with others, being aware, no one intruding."

"A sense of tranquillity in verse through John Clare."

"The connection I have had with Clare is uplifting."


"Friendly, informative, respectful, supportive, inspiring, flexible."

"P’s readings were compelling, convincing and engaging."

"P’s voice reciting is very enjoyable. Also how he weaves in his own clear love of the countryside."

"To find a poem which focuses upon one aspect of creation is similar to having scripture remembered in the reality of the now. Meditating upon the words, I feel you have got something special to offer."

"This approach to Clare is a wonderful experience i.e. it enables experience of his work almost as a force of nature itself."

"Interesting, uplifting and inspiring."

"I was surprised that I had a direct connection with the poems” (environmental scientist).

"To have music in one’s soul and express beauty is a real gift."

"Inspirational to find new ways of expressing observations of nature, to open the mind and the senses anew."

"Peace: we take it away with us."

"A rare moment of calm in a busy life."

"A wonder-filled day."