Time to unwind, and to wonder. Patrick Bond will guide you on short poetry walks in nature. He will stop to read John Clare's poetry, and there will be time to linger, and to talk.

Poetry comes alive as beauty surrounds and nature welcomes you.



Patrick Bond and Lewes Railway Land

Patrick brings years of experience as a poet and reader, and student of John Clare, as well as nine years as a Forest Worker, to this work. Currently, in association with the Railway Land Wildlife Trust, he is completing a year-long project to spend one day a week on the Railway Land nature reserve in Lewes. He is writing a poem for each occasion, which will build into a poetic survey of the life of the place through all the seasons, to be called Signals on the Railway Land.


John Clare's Poetry


How beautiful the wind awakes & flings
Disordered graces o’er the face of things
Stirring the shorter grass in twittering gleams
Like rippling shadows over shallow streams
& waving that which grows more rank & high
In deepening waves of darker majesty
A green & living sea in life arrayed
wave rolling over wave shade chasing shade
In every different grade of stirring hue…
The woods too round the landscape roll a sea
Of varied hues & wild immensity
Heaving fantastic on the wandering eye
Huge swelling billows to the smiling sky
Here oft the poet wanders & employs
His leisure midst this wilderness of joys

Pleasures of Spring

Within this pleasant wood beside the lane
Let’s sit & rest us from the burning sun
& hide us in the leaves & entertain
An hour away – to watch the wood brook run
Through heaps of leaves drop dribbling after drop
Pining for freedom till it climbs along
In eddying fury o’er the foamy top
& then loud laughing sings its whimpling song
Kissing the misty dewberry by its side
With eager salutations & in joy
Making the flag leaves dance in graceful pride
Giving & finding joy ­– here we employ
An hour right profitable thus to see
Life may meet joys where few intrusions be

 A Woodland Seat